Welcome to Peetie and Smoothies!

Ok, so who is Peetie and who is Smoothie? Peetie is Lisa Toth Brosey and Smoothie is Rob Brosey. How we got these nick names is a long story... if you are really interested, ask one of us the next time you see us.

Peetie and Smoothie get around quite a bit. This website is developed to let friends and family know where we are, what is happening and share photos of our adventures.

Below is a calander of events we are looking at:

 Date Event/Location
 11 - 21 June, 2010 South Korea and Hong Kong Trip
 4th of July Party on Lake Delta, Rome NY
 17th July - 25th Cottage Time, Modoc OH
 20th Aug Smoothies Big 50!!!
 October 2010 Hungary ?
 Novermber 2010 Cottage, Modoc OH